Who We Are

The HIVE Community Development Corporation, Inc. is a 501c3 faith-based non-profit organization. Founded in early 2017 by a community-minded pastor in response to the lack of local governance, no cohesive community plan or vision. Helping reduce concentrated poverty and disinvestment preceding population growth. Building on the strength and assets of people, non-profits, banks, clubs, agencies, schools, colleges, organizations, businesses, media, government, intermediaries, foundations, and churches.

Our Mission

The mission of the HIVE is to achieve a healthier, more prosperous and sustainable community that is vibrant and inclusive, that builds the knowledge, dignity and self-worth of all people living or working in unincorporated Lehigh Acres & Southwest Florida.

Our Purpose

The HIVE as an asset development corporation proposes to spur community economic development. Help bring wholistic revitalization to the lives and environment of the community through pro-active planning, socio-economic empowerment, the visual & performing arts, attainable housing, educational enrichment, community improvement, and strengthening youth and family life.

The HIVE is now in the business of initiating social-economic impact and community change for a new era!

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Our Vision

We envision Lehigh Acres with thriving business corridors and neighborhoods to be a place where diverse people live together in harmony and prosperity.
We envision collaboration with people and groups is key to making the HIVE a success in community engagement, community building, and community economic development.
We envision the HIVE as a vehicle for collaborative efforts between resident families, churches, hospitals, businesses, colleges, banks, schools, community development corporations, agencies, foundations & government.
We envision the HIVE as a federation of organizations in partnership - pooling people and resources to build community together.
The HIVE believes that the community can be improved through the residents involvement if they are equipped with the skills, resources, and given signs of hope.

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